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Thread: How much Ram enough 4 WinXP?

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    How much Ram enough 4 WinXP?

    Hi all, I want to hear your opinion concern about how much Ram could best for Win XP? Because I've read 1 article said that, when we have 1GB Ram, we will see WinXp run in full performance. But some article said that 512MB more than enough...

    This is my not so good system;

    AMD Athlon 2600+ type B (Aero 7+ Cooler Master)
    Abit NF7-S ver. 2
    WinFast A340 TDH FX5200 128MB (Zalman)
    Maxtor 40GB 7200rpm
    Kingston RAM 256x2 400MHz

    Application always been used;

    FIFA 2004
    NFS: Underground
    Adobe Photoshop
    Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
    Microsoft Office 2003
    3D Studio Max
    Winamp 5.02
    Adode Premier

    And I have broadband internet connection, no too fast. But I much downloading stuffs.

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    well. i have 390 run all of those and more advanced app's, more graphic oriented ones. I have an 800 Mhz Celeron, a GeForce2 and an 80 GB and 20 GB HDD. My WinXP runs better then on some way better machines than mine. I also recommend that you turn of all the graphics in winXP, i mean the OS is not there for the look, it's the functions that are important.

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    you really need a minimum of 256MB for windows xp cause it uses a lot of graphics for its themes etc.

    I run 1.5gb or ddr ram. If you run programs like you stated and more advance ones like memory I would recommend 512. Not that you really need it, but you will see the programs more quicker. If you have the money and are really into graphic disgin and intense gaming I would spend my money on a 10,000 rpm raptor drive and a gig of PC400 ram.

    As memory stated as well, turning off the themes in xp is a good idea if you don't have a lot of ram.

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    it is said, that 96 mb for xp and 64 mb for win2k should be enough, however it is advisable to use a bigger ram for speed.......

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    yea XP doesnt really require a lot of ram at all but all those applications you mentioned do especially rdstudiomax and NFS underground, they require a lot of ram and if you dont got enough they will actually squeze some of the last ones you got out, i got just like MemorY 390 (or 384 to be exact) and this really is fine for all that but technology is up bro and people have more than a gig of ram, it just depends on how much you need, I got 128 and 256 but you got 512 already no?

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    My exp with Windows Xp is that 512 of Enough for common use! I have 1 GO of Ram and I never use fully. I never use more that 512 Mg anyway even if I disable my swap file in normal use!

    What I suggest is that you take your performance monitor in XP and monitor your memory and swap file size for a week or two. You'll know if you'll get performance boost from another extra 512Mg
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Run performance monitor, and see how much you are actually using.

    Remember that the benefits drop off very quickly at the top end................I would say that 512Mb is perfectly adequate.

    The bottom line is that memory that isn't being used might as well be in your desk drawer


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    See if the following can help you make decision:

    How Much RAM Do You Really Need?

    Jon Kullberg, Patrick Schmid

    13 Dec 2005 11:48

    The bottom line is that there is not just one single answer to the question of how much system memory you need. However, to help you decide for yourself, we put together the following criteria:
    512 MB

    There are a few situations where having just 512 MB system memory in your computer can be enough.

    * If you run your games at low quality settings (small texture size) because you have an outdated CPU and graphics card, or because you prefer FPS over visual quality.
    * If you only use one application at a time.
    * If it is your grandmother's computer.

    If you are buying a new computer, even if it's a laptop, opt for more than 512 MB - you will never regret it.
    1 GB

    Indeed, 1 GB of system memory will most likely be enough for the average user and for people.

    * It will allow you to play new games at their highest quality settings, given that you have an adequate processor and a powerful graphics solution.
    * You won't have to shut down non-critical applications when you want to play a game.
    * You can (accidentally) press the Windows button while in a game without dying from a stroke during the seconds it takes to read Windows back into system memory from the swap file.
    * If you go from 512 MB to 1 GB, you will notice the difference all the time. Starting up Photoshop while working with Word, an Internet browser, e-mail client and Acrobat Reader will go so much faster, and switching between the applications is a breeze.

    2 GB

    Still there are situations where more than 1 GB is what you want.

    * If you are a professional user, you might need more than 1 GB for really heavy applications.
    * If you intend to do heavy multitasking, especially if you have more than one CPU or CPU core. Running RAM intensive games such as World of Warcraft, downloading files via high speed FTP or encrypted protocols, Bittorrent or any P2P program; decompressing large archives and playing large size video files in a window or on second monitor all at the same time can max out your system memory pretty fast - if your CPU can handle it.
    It depends on how you use your computer.
    As the applications you quote, I suggest you using 1GB RAM.
    This will make you run your applications much better and faster (Especially when you run several applications at one time).

    But if you are on a tight budget, you should at least get 512MB RAM.

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