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Thread: need help on sign in my website

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    need help on sign in my website

    hai could u plz tell me how to create a sign in's, passwords database like antionline has that is user must sign up for entering in to website.i need to place sign in option in my me...............

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    you mean like a forum board?

    try a free forum board such as

    exopps, phpbb, phpbb2, yabbse, invision.

    Those are boards that you have to register and sign into before you can post.

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    check this out...
    not just that post but the whole thread, it's very good. Good luck.

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    try posting first what your web server is, what your scripting and database backend is. You can tell this when you go to your webhost's site. or if this is your own server, then you should know what those are upon installing.

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