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Thread: Low Disk Space...

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    Low Disk Space...

    HI all, can Low disc space decrease the prefromance of our PC? And how could?

    My friend's pc only have 10GB, but it space almost full and messenge Low Disk Space alway appear.

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    Yes, it will affect performance. Delete the crap you don't use, set the cache in IE to a smaller size, BUY A BIGGER HDD!
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    Agree with allenb1963, it will affect performance alot!

    Defrag alot! Deleted crap! Delete some program!
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    Hi John,

    As you have already been told, it makes a lot of difference, the main reason being that files become very badly fragmented.

    I work on a simple rule of thumb that a HDD should have 25% free space on it. You really need that for defragmentation to work properly.

    Clear out all the internet temporary files, and anything else not required (saves of games, stuff on trial that is not being used, old signature files for the AV)

    I would suspect that his machine crashes quite often? So there are probably a load of .chk files that you can delete? you might even find a .dmp file, that can go as well

    Look for XEN by Paul Brown, it is a useful space saving tool.

    Once again, it might help us to advise you if you stated the operating system in question. Like .dmp files belong to the NT family?

    I am assuming it is some sort of windows, so make sure that your friend has not set an oversized swap/page file

    Hope this helps

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    Yea it does depend on it, your performance will mostly depend on these things just so you know in the future:
    processor, hard disks, ram , mother board and also video cards.
    I remember i had 384 ram and only 40GB disk which was like 90% full and i had crappy performance and i bought a new one of 80GB and its my slave now and a lot more performance because of the space...tip to increase your performance you might wanna check out some Ram clearing utilities because every game, application etc...take a little bit of your total ram out and you can recover most of it but never all of it, it works real good

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    Get a nice uninstaller for demos/software u never use.Try windows washer to clear all ur ie cache,recycle bin etc(it works for the first time atleast).
    Also yes free disk space can be coupled a virtual ram if ur short of ram to improve performance.

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