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Thread: Mandrake or Debian....?????

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    Mandrake or Debian....?????

    Hello friends...
    I am working on a project about the popularity of Linux. In this I selected Mandrake and Debian linux. And my question is just simple....

    Question:- Which of these Linux You would like to prefer best in all the reasons like stability, security, anti hacking, powerfull scripting etc.........

    1. Mandrake Linux 2. Debian Linux

    Your contribution could be helpfull for my....Thank you all
    Hello Dear..

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    My understanding is that Debian is very stable and is a good platform for auditing. Maybe that's why they use it for knoppix and knoppix std.

    I haven't personally used Mandrake, but it's supposed to be very user friendly.

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    Debian is a pain in the backside to install (or at least in my experience, and I've used most Linux distributions - currently trying to install Gentoo) whereas Mandrake is far more user friendly. However, if you want to run a server I'd recommend Debian (provided you can get it up and running) because it is easier to lock down and only install the packages that you want, whereas Mandrake often installs extra stuff that isn't necessary for non-desktop systems.
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    Well Pwaring, i'm in the process of installing Debian on a test box, and i'm glad to hear that i'm not the only one who's had trouble installing it..
    But luckly is my friend today and he's helping me out.


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