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Thread: O'Reilly's Security Warrior

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    O'Reilly's Security Warrior

    Anyone read this? I just ordered it and was looking for any feedback people might have. From the review I read on Amazon it might be the first high-level "exploit" book out there.
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    re: Security Warrior

    I actually almost purchased it a few weekends ago...

    Standing in line at the local Borders, I started to actually page through the book and look at details. To be honest, I didn't see anything that I thought wasn't already available online somewhere (here, astalavista, etc...).

    So i put it back and left

    I read it as a comprehensive overview of 'security', not anything specific. Which bummed me out to be many books try to play the 'we'll cover it all' aspect and end-up either leaving out too many details or dumming down what they do present too much for my taste.

    For instance - Hacking Exposed. What a jip. I'm glad I bought it from the Fry's bargain bin. It is a good comprehensive overview; I'll give the authors and fans that much. But man, where's the beef?

    I was actually hoping that Security Warrior would be a Book of Five Rings for security...maybe the cover and title misled me :P

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    there is a good review on it at slashdot and probably 300 replies more

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