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Thread: problem with saving images in IE

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    problem with saving images in IE

    i have a rather interseting problem with internet explorer. it will only let me save images as .bmp files which i really hate. anyone else had this problem or have a solution?

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    Strange. You mean that the drop down box doesn't let you choose anything other than .bmp?

    My IE6Sp1 has .bmp and .gif.

    After I save a file that way, I can open it in an image editor (mspaint, adobe photshop, etc.) then change the format to whatever I want.
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    nvm....found it out. having 500 mb of temp internet files kinda tends to do that heh

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    Strange. You mean that the drop down box doesn't let you choose anything other than .bmp?

    My IE6Sp1 has .bmp and .gif.
    Yes phis i noticed this behavior a while back when i was playing with the Internet Explorer a bit (Kind of trying to find a flaw by streching it a bit )

    When the "Temp Internet Files" is full Internet Explorer Starts to Behave Rather Strangly, Sometimes it disables the "View Source" Menu Option and also saving the .JPG Files as .BMP files even though i can see in the url it is a .JPG file.

    I will tell you a trick to see this yourself without having to fill you Temp folder. Open a picture in a web browser(.jpg) say this one. When it finishes downloading Go to Tool--> Options and do the following things in the given sequence

    • Cilck Delete Cookies
    • Click Delete Files
    • Click Clear History
    • Click Ok

    And now try to save the picture from the web browse by right clicking on it strangly it would save it as bmp rather than jpg.

    Baaa Just Found Out Microsoft has admitted to the This Problem But it is not Listed that it can be done the second way i did.

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