ok heres the deal, i whent to get on the internet this morning and found that my home page had been set to somthing like http://%6F%64%7A%71%74%74%2E%74%2E%6...?%61%69%64=420
this sparked my curiosity. so i transilated it.
well the web address turned out to be odzqtt.t.muxa.cc with a little extetion that i believe made somthing download to my comupter....
When i WHOIS it, it came up as Muxa.cc (dhu)
i then pinged it and got the IP:
when i resolved this address it came up as mail.msn.com (what the heck???)
Furthermore i pinged odzqtt.t.muxa.cc and got the ip address
i did not get a responce from pinging so i traced it... My packets were lost at a server in Africa.(i think maybe a firewall)
i scanned the address and found a web server. i went to it but nothis is there....

Can someone Plz tell me what i am seeing????