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    Hey guys:
    Wow, it's been a long time since I post here... anyways..

    I'm a member of my school's UN club, and this friday theres a UN simulation at our school (this is an inter-school competition). Well, my country is thailand on the subject of using technology as a tool to better countries (or sumthing like that). Anyways, my un moderator warned me, he said: "Dude, this guy can write HTML...", and I said "... so can I (somewhat)". Well, I never took his advice seriously, until I read the comitee's theme documentation. Well, it just so happens this guy thinks that since he knows an organization or two, and has read the stuff about napster, that he's informed on the whoal hacker controversy. This is what I need:

    If any of you know anything about computer security in thai systems, please let me know, and also anything about thai web programs (as in org).

    I just need a little help, I'm searching too, but wanted to check with u guys since I know most of u know more than me.

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    The main thing to realise is that the lingua franca of IT is English. Especially with more sophisticated background stuff like security tools. You will find that the security issues and the tools/applications are the same as our own.

    Remember that it is not just "technology" have to provide the infrastructure to run it on (I doubt if most of Thailand has DSL or cable), the applications to run on it, and training for the people to use it.
    Also remember that there is technology outside of IT, and adopting any new technology requires changes in proceses and practices. There is a culture shock issue? Whatever the technology is you have to sell it to the users?

    Several problems are likely to arise:

    1. Shortage of skilled local technical personnel.
    2. Rampant software piracy (you don't support what hasn't been paid for?)
    3. General levels of education & literacy
    4. Funding (Nice powerpoint slide...........3D bar chart: annual revenue of Microsoft, Dell, HP/Compaq and IBM with the Gross National Product of Thailand for comparison?.............certain to impress a UN audience)
    5. local language support, particularly Thai script.............NOT typewriter friendly.

    They use the same OSes and kit as we do, so the security considerations are identical. OK you have help text, & screens in the local lingo, plus some apps (websites, Office, e-mail etc), but the bulk of stuff will not be in thai doesn't need to be unless it is "user facing"

    "Dude, this guy can write HTML...",
    I am sorry, I do not quite understand the issue here?......................I bet whovever cannot write it in Thai Nor do I see the relevance of napster or hacking? Other than that if a little guy wants to play with big guys they have to follow the big guys rules? software piracy is out?

    Hope this helps

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