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Thread: CAn anyone help me to recover my password

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    CAn anyone help me to recover my password

    I have lost my administrator password of windows professional 2000 Operating system can anybody help me to recover that please tell me.
    Nataraj . S . Asture

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    Question Time
    • Do you have Physical Acess to the System
    • Do you Exclusive priviledges on this System

    You Should be more Careful with Administrative passwords natraj

    There few tools that can solve your problem But they are gonna cost you $$

    Check this out it should work

    Ok now my advise Let this be a lesson and Backup all your Files and reinstall Windows 2000.

    and yes listen to the guys below especially sumdumguy who very soon will point out then i have edited my post and am a bad fishii lol Daffy duck syndrome sumdumguy can't help it
    --Good Luck--

    btw Look it's the Hundredth post, wow 100 i have posted 100 posts. Aaaaaaaah its a great feeling , a mile stone, a begning, *takes a deep Breath *sigh*
    * Suddenly i look at the other two Guys post count
    * Me Thinking " You post whores " maybe i should give post whoring a serious concedration and stop editing my posts as sumdumguy said j/k

    * Me walks away slowly hiding behind my computer

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    take a deep breath and hold it for a second. now let it our slowley.
    picture yourself at the top of a down going esculator. you step on and begin to decend. you find yourself becomming more and more relaxed as the esculator decends. lower and lower. you are aware that your loosing contact with the world you left at the top as you decend deeper and deeper.zzzzz....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    try searching the foums...its only been discussed a thousand times
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    the - Questions About AntiOnline (forum section)

    "Have a question about AntiPoints, posting, or anything else related to Ask it here. "

    if not, post it in another spot..

    other than that.. listen to what Ted said..

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    Heres a site with an image of a linux boot disk that allows you to edit the registry without booting windows it can also reset the passwords (any user password):

    and heres a tool to copy the image with :

    hope it helps .

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    Hi nataraj,

    As Swordfish says:let this be a lesson, on the other hand, may I congratulate you on doing that? tells me that you don't normally log on as administrator, which is very good practice from a security view

    Here are some suggestions:

    1. Write the password down and keep it in a safe place. I have worked on many sites where such passwords are stored in a sealed envelope in a senior executive's safe. This is perfectly OK because you have physical security over them. Remember that people get sick, have accidents and even die? so this provides security & operational continuity for the corporation.

    2. Make sure that it is a strong password............look in the Tutorials for this..........more than 8 characters, alphabetical upper and lower case, numbers AND symbols......NO proper words.

    3. Change it regularly, the rules are the same as for user passwords, if not more so.........after all you don't want the admin password to be the only one that can be cracked do you


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    This question is asked EVERY DAY.... Do a SEARCH....

    or just use the NT Password and Registry Editor Boot Disk.

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