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Thread: security for my laptop

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    security for my laptop

    hello all i have a laptop with a sprint air card for getting on the net i'm running winxp,running ZApro and norton antivirus2004 <----- my guestion is is that enough sec running my sprint air card??????

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    It it a wireless card and if so what does it connect to to give you internet connectivity.

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    Your ZA and Nortons are the minimum that you should have for any connection to the internet. You should also turn off any unnessesary services and netbios. Turn off any and all sharing (including printer functions, unless you are currently using a printer). Install and run some good anti spyware/malware progrqams, and registry monitoring programs (there are some good free ones for all of these).
    Using your firewall, block all unused ports, and set the firewall to the highest levals to make your laptop completely stealthed while connected.
    Watch eveything, ie. monitor your logs.
    Don't download and run programs indiscrimiantely.
    Check all downloads for virus's everytime you download anything.
    Don't open attachment you get via e-mail, unless you are expecting them.

    Now you are approximently 50% safe.......Good Luck.
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    get a security cable for your laptop.
    a laptop on firewall is like a locked safe floating on a raft in the sea. anchor it.

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    ur laptop is 50% safe as moxnix say , all you hav to do is upadate your AV always, configure your firewall properly(properly configured firewall may help your intruder to think before attacking you ), close those port that u dont use much that can be a backdoor for other intruders, and have some separate program that give a view on what ports are running on your system, that all i can share

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    thanks all for the info. when i look at all the logs from ZA they sure show a lot and u can click on more info and it does a whois and shows a lot of info. i make sure that ZA ask me what can acsess the net although sometimes i'm not sure what should let but i block most. it is a learning curve but i found ZA has done a great job with norton and spybot search and destroy and keep my windows xp up to date. i try to keep my compurter pretty clean. although for years i have never had any kind of firewall with no problems now that i have it is nice to know what is realy going on. thanks

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    it would be nice to send some of the peeps that scan/try to get in a message saying kiss my a** but i don't know how but that is ok just knowing that they did not get in is fine.

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    Dont forget to have a strong password for your user and administrator accounts. the account you use to connect to your portable for everyday use should have as few rights as possible. I would also rename you administrator account and create another account with the name administrator. This should have no user rights and have a strong password.
    I like to use "?" and "*" in my passwords as this can some time confuse script kiddies.
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