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Thread: Help, Problems with proclaim

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    Lightbulb Help, Problems with proclaim

    Hi ive not posted a question for a while but im having problems with my business database program it uses the Progress Database and is called Proclaim we print via Shared printers on a Windows 2000 Server network the user machines are Windows Xp Advanced.

    One of the print server machines went down on friday so i put the printer on another machine shared the printer and mapped it to the local machines as default printer.

    Now the database wont print out at all (sometimes tries printing to the old print server)

    Windows prints out properly, Office does.

    Attached are the error messages i recieve the company who provided us with the database are aware of the problem via there support lines but i dont just want it fixing i want to understand what has happened and why and learn how to fix the problem.

    Thank you all for you help


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    Have you also tried asking in the Progress Forums?
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    Hi Damien,

    Just a few guesses here based on quasi-similar experiences.

    I don't know your DB...........never even heard of it, but you give a vital clue?

    Windows prints out properly, Office does.
    That suggests to me that your basic Windows/network configuration is fine.


    You say it is a "business database"? is that a finance, ledgers, payroll like "beancounters'" system?

    I would guess that you might have to set the printer up in your business application?.........that would make sure that stuff got sent to a printer with the right capabilities and stationery, and would be a nice low key security feature, as you could ensure that the printer was in an authorised location?

    I have seen similar for printing CAD stuff............special printer, and in stores, purchasing, finance...........special stationery & security.

    As I said, a bit of a guess, so have a look at your app. and see if there are any instructions for setting up a printer.



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    Cheers Johnno

    Ill try have a look

    Thanks for that link MsMittens ill register and ask on there
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