Is it too risky for them?
A group of journalist (between 5 and 10) would like to published uncensored content on the internet. they have not much money. For the project to be working they would need anonymity and privacy over home,office and Internet networks while using a CMS and a web server.

Do you think there is a way to give them 99.9% protection against retaliation over a long period (+5 year), or else they will lost their job and be sue.

I am evaluating the project maybe you can give me some tips.

they use OS9 OS10, win XP, win 2000 from intranet home and office network.

anonymity strategies:
Freenet and JAP seem to be unreliable.
So are public proxies.

privacy strategies:
Strong encryption.
Camouflage and steganographic.

Thanks for your help.