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Thread: Mapping fiber optics!!!

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    Mapping fiber optics!!!

    Did any of you catch the article in WIRED(redcover) magazine about the college kid who painstakingly mapped out the entire fiberoptic networks of the good ole USA. He did it for a term paper and FBI,CIA,NSA, told him he can't publish it! Becuase it posed such a security risk.
    like to hear some feed back. Sry no link to article couldn't find it on the wired site.

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    Yea I saw that, can't remember all the details of it was quite interesting.

    I can understand the concern about not allowing it for public realease as this sort of network effectivly is the basis of the westen economny.

    I think there was some concern about him not being able to release it so it might not of counted towards his course.

    i think it was sometime last year,


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