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Thread: tiny/norton

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    Question tiny/norton

    Tiny Personal Firewall vs Norton Personal Firewall

    recently, there was a thread that discussed norton personal firewall.
    based on your experience, which is better between the two?
    what are their cons/pros and comparisons?
    and how long have you been using them? (stability wise)

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    I use Kerio v2.1.5. It is based on Tiny, and works great. By default it's set to require authorization (permit/deny, or make permanent rule) everytime something asks for access. After a few days it's learned all your normal connections and then you are only alerted when something new is attempting access. Small memory footprint which is major plus. Also the interface is not so "fancy" as Norton/ZoneAlarm but very usable. Gives you what you need to know and does its job with minimum BS.


    EDIT: oh and it's free
    download from

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