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Thread: Can you install windows with a floppy disk?

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    Can you install windows with a floppy disk?

    If at all possible, how would you install windows (any version) with a floppy disk? My cd-rom is currently broken and i need to install windows or any OS for that matter. i only need to browse the web and play xbox connect with it. I would appreciate some links to websites that offer OS's that you can install with floppy disks and tutorials if it is a hard thing to do.

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    if you have another system, then you could use a network install.

    otherwise i think you'll won't get any further then ms-dos or unix..
    wait a minute,
    perhaps there is a possibility of installing unix with the lynx browser, but i don't know how you are able to connect with x-box, i got a PS2

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    Answer is NO : Buy a new CD-Rom is your best option.

    Windows doesn't come on 350 floopy disk.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    You can install some linux distro from your HD, the last time I did that was using peanut linux (long time ago).
    you could also try some programs that simulate CDrom, there are plenty of these in the net. (but I am not sure if it will work), you would boot from a floppy and try to run a set up in this virtual cd-rom
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    You can install win95 from floppy disks the set contains **** loads of disks and takes ages to install.
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    I have seen this question somewhere else

    OK................guess this is a homework question, or I can send you Win2.03 to the location of your good for anything but you did say "any" version?

    /proactive on:

    Take HDD and install on another machine with working CD....load the OS on that machine, make sure to copy the CD into a folder you can remember the name of

    Then insert this HDD into your target machine................

    This procedure actually works! ( although probably not for Win XP)

    /proactive off


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    MenuetOS installs from a floppy and you can browse with it.

    I've never tried it only heard of it on TSS.

    Answer is NO : Buy a new CD-Rom is your best option.
    I have to agree. They're so cheap these days.

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    quit being a cheap ass and spend the $30 on a new cd rom. Hell with mail in rebates i just bought a cd-rw for 35

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    Great Answer!!! Greenie for ZomBieMann77!!!
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    Actually SDK you can install certains versions of Windows from a floppy disk.

    There are 2 instances one without a Bootable D: drive and one where you need to install the entire OS. <-- No Bootable Cdrom

    I can't think of any websites that talk about the off a floppy drive, but you can do it. I know if you search around you can find a link for a site to download 98 off of so you can do it.

    (I had to do it when I installed rh9 once, Don't ask.)

    Though Zombie is right. Dude you can go to a Computer store and get one really cheap. **** I bought an old tower for 30 bucks.

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