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Thread: xp problem

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    xp problem

    recently i was working on my pc when it suddenly restarted
    since then it starts loading xp & then restarts
    i had upgraded 98 to xp
    my ram is 256mb
    40 gb hdd
    now i ve formatted & reloaded xp but problem is still coming
    98 is loaded excellently but it shows after restarting an option "cancell xp setup" so it means that xp is not loaded perfectly
    there could be no problem in cd as i ve tried 3 diffrent cds
    could it be a problem in hdd or motherboard?
    i'd b thankful if u ppl help me out of this mess n i promise 4 no more junk
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    restarting like that it's more likely to be a problem with your memory or possibly graphics card or possibly one of your drivers is screwed. By default XP will restart the computer rather than give you a blue screen - however information from the blue screen is what we need to see. I take it XP restarts as soon as you log in? That being the case log in under safe mode and change what XP will do thus>

    Control Panel > System > Advanced > Startup and Recovery > Settings.

    Make sure the box is UNCHECKED where it says "Automatically Restart" under System Failure.

    logging in under safe mode 'should' give you enough time to do this before XP crashes. Once you've done that reboot the computer wait for it to crash and let us know what error message XP generates. That should give us a better idea of where the problem is

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