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    Intro: I am writing for the first time for you guyz. I have written for many other magazines under other names. If you want me to keep on writing then please mail me at Either wise it ends over here. No more tutorials. Please reply.

    Note: People who donít agree with me please drop in your message (only messages no flames plz) at I want you people who disagree with me, to learn the real motive behind my tutorial and not just trash.

    SOURCE: Some part of these tutorial references taken from

    Disclaimer: All the thought listed are personal. I am not responsible for any damage done to anyone by this.

    00X0f6: Why LINUX is important?
    From the time I was a kid (that was 1996) I started using windows. And from that time onwards I was in Computers. From that age I doubted something in windows, I never knew what. But as I gained experience i got better and better day by day. Windows has always been a kind of too user friendly, like a sealed computer you never know what works inside. And thanx to WINDOWS help [F1] it Sucks. Windows never made user learn anything it always served as a readymade material. Working on Windows has always been like I were a lamer. Windows kept all the background processes hidden. Even the documentation of windows doesnít provide any good help to user. The good old console (dos/Unix) was much better than WINDOWS atleast they provided us with the commands to do something. Even all the Microsoft tools are too cained to be used. Example are that of VB, a big part of VB programmers do not have any good knowledge of other language coding (c,c++,perl,especially asm).


    In a nutshell Microsoft is providing the programmers with slow n sweet poison. The inborn capabilities of programmers are dying. The major programmers of these days lack proper knowledge of the languages thus they lack in proper programming and hence the so-called holes are left. Then the patches are developed to block those holes. If the programmers had the core knowledge of their languages no patches were required. Even a small kid whose knows a little about the security of windows can slide through it. This much reason is enough mentally sound people to shift LINUX. And the recent even of the lost windows has made the security of the user a living hell. None of us knows whose gonna built up what for windows.... New worms... backdoors which normal Anti virus/Firewall will never detect. "The average size of email-bourne viruses so far this year has been well under 20 kilobytes. A young virus writer, sitting in his underwear in his parent's dark basement, takes a hex editor and modifies a few bytes of the latest Netsky.M (16.5KB), Beagle.J (12KB) or Mydoom.G (20KB) mutation, spawns a new virus variant, and then releases it into the wild. The resulting few thousand compromised machines, a conservative estimate perhaps, will sit naked as drones or "bots" on the Internet, waiting patiently for their summons and commands".(from This serves as the biggest reason for switching unto LINUX. Windows can only built up lamers whereas LINUX has capabilities develops Masterminds.

    "It only takes a 12KB virus for total system compromise and a highly effective Spam engine. Anyone can make one. Some assembly required."

    "It is no wonder that dozens of virus variants appear just a week or two after the first incarnation is released into the wild -- fitting a backdoor and a highly effective SMTP Spam engine into a mere twelve kilobytes of code is not easy, and many young programmers want to learn how it's done. Microsoft could learn a few things from these bright, if mis-aligned, people to help them write more efficient code. Perhaps with more efficient code, Windows XP on a modern AMD Athlon, Intel Pentium or Celeron with a gig of RAM would actually run more quickly and be more secure than Windows NT was on an old P-100 with 32 Mb of RAM. Who knows? For now we're stuck with millions and millions of lines code compiled into a giant operating system that can be wiped out of existence remotely with nothing but a small 12 kilobyte piece of code, launched by someone in his underwear on the other side of the world."(from World is no more same as it was in childhood. Things have changed n Changes are the rules. Only the True Programmer shall survive. Its jungle rules out there. Its either your in or your *******. And LINUX is the best substitute for gettin in. you want me to keep on writing then please mail me at wise it ends over here. no more tutorials. Please reply.


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    1. Roll Call cannot be replied to.

    2. Roll Call is for introductory messages.

    3. I've put this here since it is more oriented towards OS.

    4. What you are talking about isn't the fault of Windows but rather the fault of the education industry to "dumbdown" what they teach. Rather than encourage students to want to learn and give them the desire to learn, they do everything they can to kill it (large classrooms, lack of funding, lack of direction, more attention to marketing rather than course content, etc.). If you doubt this then ask me about the plagarism issues and the many "IM" essays I've gotten. Students do not want to do the work for the diploma or degree. When I tell them I'm eager to learn X, they look at me in horror and say "Why would you want to do that rather than play a game or get this pre-made version?".

    5. People as a whole want things in a quick fix and via the easiest route. This is a societial response to computers when we are told by the mass media in general that computers make our lives easier, faster, more efficient. Because this is what society wants, OS manufacturers respond that way. You need only look at Mac OS X, Red Had Fedora, Suse, etc. All of these manufacturers have also made huge bloated-coded OSes with "ease of use" being the primary goal.

    No OS is at fault. They are all culpable as much as society is.
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    Ya I am agreed with both of you.

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