As we close out March '04, here's a recap of the contributions made by AO and its members on eITplanet recently...

Birthday girl MsMittens dropped by Wi-Fi Planet in Toronto and gave us her impressions:

Wi-Fi Planet Toronto: Security Taking Hold
Lyne Bourque took time during last week's Wi-Fi Planet Conference and Expo in Toronto to check out the tools, techniques and even some open-source initiatives that are laying the groundwork for the future of secure wireless networking. Read her impressions and see what you missed.

She also recently reviewed AirMagnet:

Wi-Fi Security Review: AirMagnet
With this application, administrators can take the worry out of deploying WLANs. But is it worth the cost?

AO Spotlights for March included the following discussions:

AntiOnline Spotlight: Windows XP Security Guide
Need to install (or reinstall) Windows XP? There's no need to wait for SP2, you can configure a secure system today with these tips.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Wireless Security
Roaming workers don't want to hunt for jacks and all of upper management wants to sip espressos at the coffee shop while catching up on e-mails. Make sure you're ready when Wi-Fi makes a play for your corporate network.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Microsoft Metadata Forensics
What secrets are your Word docs revealing about your company?