Lately I have been getting bombarded with port scans from my own isp.
My ip addy is truly in the 216.XXX.XXX.XXX range however when I repair my connection (same thing as winipcfg release renew). I see a 10. XXX.XXX.XXX range.
The odd part is that I thought 10.X range ip's couldn't be pinged/scanned. However when I scan for the 216 range I get nothing but I am able to ping/scan everyone in my isp using the 10.XXX.XXX.XXX range.

All of the port scans are coming from a 10.XXX.XXX.XXX ip addy.

1.)Why can I be pinged w/ the 10 range ip addy but not my actual ip addy?

2.)Is there a way to alert the scanner that I am aware of his actions? I have heard of using the NET SEND command...would that work? Or should I ignore the scans?