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Thread: CyberPunk Literature

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    Cool CyberPunk Literature

    So, I'm sitting in my school library right now, sorting through a list of books on The library happens to not have any of the books that I'd like to read and that I recognize upon hearing the name or Author as being CyberPunk literature, or literature that fits into that particular genre of Sci-Fi Technophilia. Some books I've been looking for include the following:

    Cryptonomicon - Neal Stephenson
    Neuromancer - William Gibson
    Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson (edit: I'm dreadfully sorry, I made the mistake of confusing the two on that one)

    Most of the others by the authors can be classified as CyberPunk literature, but, who are some other authors within the genre? Any reading suggestions? I'm in my Junior year of highschool and have 3.5 study halls since I'm a transfer student with waaaaay too many credits already under my belt, so, I have the time to read whatever it is that's suggested.

    I'd really like to hear your opinions on some good CyberPunk lit or some General Sci-Fi.

    For those of you who do not know what CyberPunk Literature is: Description

    Sincerely in CyberSpace,

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    I would suggest:

    "The Black Cloud" by (Sir) Fred Hoyle

    Hoyle was director of Jodrell Bank (our largest resident radio telescope array) and Astronomer Royal..............official government astronomer.

    The book is interesting in that it is written by a scientist, and has the concept of non-humanoid/monster life-forms.

    It is also "literature" as opposed to pulp fiction

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    Being a big fan of Jeffrey Deaver, his book The Blue Nowhere might be of interest. A good google search can bring up some lists to help:
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