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Thread: compaq monitor +windows xp home

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    compaq monitor +windows xp home


    Can anyone help me with this one.When i boot my system with my compaq monitor the system keeps rebooting when it gets to the windows screen,If i put another monitor on my system it boots fine every time.I am running windows xp home.The system will boot fine with my compaq monitor in safe mode.


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    Your Compac monitor doesn't support 1024x768 screen resolution..

    Boot with the other monitor, change the resolution to 800x600 and plug back the Compac and it should work.. Or boot Windows XP in VGA Mode (Press F8 (Maybe F4 also) like a mad man when Xp is booting)
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Yes, it is almost certainly a driver problem.

    You need to go to the HP (Hewlett Packard...they bought Compaq) site and get the XP drivers for your screen.

    The reason it works in safe mode is that very basic generic drivers are loaded and it runs at something like 480x640 and 16 colours.

    Good luck

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    I have experience this problems many times, it's a driver problem(mostly), because you install the driver at another monitor before, so winXP just detect the original monitor... to uninstall the driver you can go to safe mode, and go to harware, right the VGA driver and uninstall them. After that it will ask you to restart the system, lastly after it back to normal windows, then you can reinstall your VGA driver.

    Hope this can help.

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    Johnhack, doesnt mean that this is driver's problem, others things also can contribute the problem. I've the faced this trouble few week ago, it is the old monitor can't support high resolution, as SDK said, boot with previous monitor and set it to lower resolution and boot it again with current monitor.

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