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Thread: Can I use a computer as a router???

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    Can I use a computer as a router???

    I have dsl, with an internal adsl modem. I also have a nic card installed in the same computer.
    I would like to be able to hook up from the nic card to a router, then to other computers that
    I have. Can this be done with an internal adsl modem and nic card??? Will it be a straight or
    crossed cat5 to go between the nic and router??? I am running Window 2000 on the compter
    with the modem in it. I've done this with an external modem when I had cable. I would just
    like to know for sure if it will work, or if I will need to get an external modem. I've been told
    you can make a computer into a router, so I figured this should be able to work also.
    I appreciate any advice given.


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    Check this site out

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    well, thanks, but that was no help

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    you have to configure it to set it up as a router. i used to use my old comp as a router for a while. try searching it on google.

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    You can use the adsl connected computer as a proxy server. Go from the NIC straight CAT5 to the router (or hub).

    If running windowsXP try anologX proxyserver (free).

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    I use Astaro Linux as a gateway for my network. It runs on a dedicated PC. It's fairly easy to install and configure, and provides the best routing solution I have found to date. It is free to use for home users with up to 10 network connections. The website can be found at

    If you prefer Windows, the best routing solution I have used in that area is Winroute Pro. If you choose this solution, the PC can still be used normally. Winroute Pro is shareware, and must be purchased after 30 days. You can find this at

    If you are using 2 PCs without a hub or switch, you will need a crossover cable. If you are using 2 or more PCs with a hub or switch, you will need standard Cat5 cable.

    I have not used Astaro with an internal DSL modem, but I have successfully used Winroute Pro with one.

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    There are a lot of progies, almost all linux based that will make your old box (only low specs needed) act like a router. Soem only require a mobo, some ram (depending on users), 2 network cards (nic) and a floppy drive. For example: BBIagent. Very easy to setup, and for free.
    Others are Freesco (focus on cable users but you can use it with adsl if you do some well documented tweaks). Free SCO runs on very low hardware (80486) without a prob.

    There are a lot of others available just search the net.

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