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Thread: Problem with Hard disk

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    Problem with Hard disk

    Hello friends, I need a small help from you. I have once connected my second hard disk to the computer when my computer is already running. Oops! my second hard disk is not working now. It is not getting detected. What should I do now. One of my friends said that it won't work now and it is damaged. Is there any other way to recover my 10 GB hard disk. It was working well previously. Thank you for your help in Advance. Bye
    with regards, Bharat Akkinepalli

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    I think you probably have blown the electronics on the HD controller circuit board. You might get lucky and find that you have only blown a fuse (or two) on the board. If you look really carefully near the where the 12volts and 5volts comes into the board, you might see two very small fuses in series with the circuit traces coming from the power connector. Measure them with an ohmmeter. If one or both are open then buy new ones of equal current rating or take some from another dead Hard drive and solder them on. If the fuses are good of if it still doesn't worjk after you've replaced the fuses, then another option would be to get an identicial drive and swap controler cards between them. IMO, sending the drive off to a place that recovers data will be cost prohibative..

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    I would suggest that you make absolutely certain that it is dead.

    Connect it to the machine (make sure the jumpers are set correctly to "slave")
    Power up into "setup" (BIOS settings) and try the "auto detect" option.
    If this does not work try the "user" (manual set up)

    If neither of these work then you have almost certainly fried something. Most HDDs have a little green light that comes on when you power them up, it should be somewhere on the surface of the control may have to rest the drive on a level surface and look through gaps in the case ( some control boards are mounted with their components facing inwards) careful not to move it . If this does not come on, then it is not getting power as jenjen has suggested.

    I am suggesting this in the hope that you might be very lucky, and that all that has happened is that your BIOS has "become confused" I have seen this happen before, particularly with older machines, and where software has to be used to get the drive to work (EZdrive or whatever) because it is too big for the BIOS to recognise.

    Finally, you might get a friend to try it on their machine as a slave, just in case you messed up something in your power supply...........I regret that this is not very likely, but you have nothing to lose?

    I wish you luck

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