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Thread: April Foolsday

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    April Foolsday

    Tomorow is april 1st, or foolsday, does anyone know any good tricks or whatever to make a fool out of someone, share it not just with me but the whole AO community here!!!

    actually let me correct is april 1st already, i forgot its past midnight so....
    Happy April 1st everyone

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    Hey Hey,

    Looks like this April Fools Day the Pigeons have resurfaced again.

    For those of you who have never seen the past occurances of our feathered friends, check out and

    This years april fools RFC has put a twist on things. I've posted about @ - I know I know, I posted out of topic, but it's funnier that way. -- For a direct link check out

    Just as I asked if anyone had seen anything from google, I revisit the page and I get a nice treat --
    I'm thinking about applying, it may be a fun job


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    I plan to brodcast some joke by net send to all my compagnie!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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