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Thread: Can anybody hack without using Trojans?

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    Question Can anybody hack without using Trojans?

    Hi all..

    Can a hacker hack a PC without putting a Trojan in it?

    And if that PC2 is connected to a LAN and the main PC1 is connected to the internet. So can the hacker put a Trojan using a port opened? And if that port is in use.. then can he do that? (All ports are closed)

    And how to protect that? What is the best solution?

    Notice : I want only the main PC1 to transfer data to PC2.. so if hacker got into the network.. then he can't do anything..

    Important info and files are in PC2 that is not connected directly to the internet but connected to PC1 using a LAN..


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    Its pretty rude to post the same message to 2 boards, u'll probably get negged for that. Im not gonna though as I can kinda see why you posted to 2 boards becuase it is related to both boards.

    Trojans are just a thing to do something so the "hacker" (i prefer the term cracker) doesnt have to get to involved with low level stuff. trojans really make it easy for someone to do something. Take for example sub7 (sends shivers down my spine even thinking of the l33t people that use it..........muuhahaha!) you can do all your usually deleting, adding and copying of files then theres other features such as remote desktop stuff. Its basically a nasty RAT (remote admin tool)

    So yea theres load of other ways to hack a computer, depending on what you want to do. You can usually use systems already on an operating system to backdoor it. This tends to go more undetected to the average user

    yea you know the greeks? well they used a trojan horse to get inside a city..think of the big wooden horse as your trojan (hence trojan horse) and the city as the computer you wish to get into. Im not gonna say anything about the payload being the greeks, they were pretty cool people when i last went...

    PC1 could be used as a firewall router, thsi would allow port forwarding. Have a look at coyote linux.

    You could easily do it in windows with internet connection sharing, and firewall it so that only your other computers MAC or Ip can use the ICS.

    Your never gonna be a 100% secure, youll just be more secure. If someone really wants to then theyll get in.


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    Its pretty rude to post the same message to 2 boards, u'll probably get negged for that. Im not gonna though as I can kinda see why you posted to 2 boards becuase it is related to both boards.
    I can't. The duplicate post has been deleted.
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    using trojan refer to as crakers or scriptkiddies,lamer, etc.. which uses downloadable software in the net that may aid them... A real hacker doesn't not use much of a trojan but uses their knowledge to bypass the computer, they think like computer and go inside the computer with the use of computer vulnerabilities... i had a conversation with a person who uses to be a system admin... he told me that computer has a lot of holes or backdoor he only find those holes and uses it to break into computer rather than using trojan , but if he uses trojan he asure that he made it bye himself , as far as i know every computer that is connected to internet even if it is on WAn.LAN,MAN etc.. can be a suspectible victim of an attacker..

    Using firewall will protect you from those attacker only if it is properly convigured, a firewall defenes is based on the knowledge of the user, if you use a well known firewall for example but dont know how to configured it on your system the firewall may help the attacker to point your weaknesses in the system...

    there is no machine that is connected to the internet can assure of 100% but they can only assure the some privacy of there system..

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    Most attackers use root kits to carry out their objectives.

    Root kits tend to be defined as a suite of tools containing the following four elements:

    1. vulnerability scanner/exploiter (break in and install)
    2. tools to hide itself (run undetected, hiding network connections an all future attacker related changes to the system dynamically)
    3. backdoor(s) (assure future access)
    4. custom system components (prevent discovery via altered ls, md5sum, tripwire, ls, du, etc)

    Although these tools can be more or less completely automated, they don't qualify as trojans in the strictest sense of the word since no cooperation is required by the target system's custodian/user. Step 4 of the root kit would contain trojans of sorts, since the programs are evil under the guise of being normal utilities.
    This type of automated suite is most effective as it gives the attacker tremendous speed and gives the attack a high level of predictability.

    I don't pretend to know the definition of "a real hacker," but I do know that efficient attackers be they malicious or pen testers take care to utilize the tools availible to them without pride or elitism concerns.


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    The answer is "yes", alaedin

    All you need is access rights..........any computer not just a PC..................this was going on long before PCs were invented.

    If I have a valid ID and a valid password I can probably log into a mainframe from any dumb terminal connected to it...........unless there are special security measures in force?

    This is way before the internet and is just that as life has become more complicated the exploitation methods have become more sophisticated?

    Hey, if someone points a .45 auto at your head and tells you to type...........what do you do?............not the most subtle hacking technique, but there is nothing in the book says that hacking has to be subtle?


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    alaedin, maybe we should be asking you if your PC is showing signs of being cracked? Has there been some changes in your PC that you didn't do? Or are you just getting ready to set up a system and need some infro on how to keep it safe? If so, what kind of system are you putting together? If you are looking to learn how to crack an OS, you are in the wrong place, but if you are trying to learn how to keep it safe, the PC I mean, then you're going to learn alot here. Give us some more info on your PC and the OS you are running or planning on running. If you are running it now and somethings not right, tell us what it is. There are some every wise people here and a few jerks, but mostly good people. Good luck.


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    If you want some stats on threats, check this out:

    It's the FBI Computer Crime survey for 2003. Maybe most people don't consider this a 'hack', but the insider threat is often greater (and potentially more devastating) than the outsider threat.

    If you have a trusted user on your network he could exploit his access to get into places where he shouldn't be, he could download virus-ridden software to his local machine and pollute the network, he could walk off with hardware, etc. And most network-based IDS are focused on the outsider threat, not one from the inside. So, yeah, a lot of damage could be done with very little effort if your attacker is an insider.

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    There are very many ways that one can hack a computer, and if you are just trying to secure against trojans than your leaving yourself open for a variety of other attacks. I might be just my opion but to me trojans are old school and are used by people with no talent. You need to get a firewall (hardware prefferably). You also need to monitor the traffic coming out of your pc to detect if you have already been attacked. Anyways thats just my advice.
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    the best thing you can do to sucure your computer is dont piss anyone off

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