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Thread: RFC 3751 - Omniscience Protocol :)

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    RFC 3751 - Omniscience Protocol :)

    Hey Hey,

    Well it's finally be proposed, welcome to big brother . RFC3751, The Omniscience Protocol, leads to some scary days for computer users everywhere. Entities such as the RIAA and MPAA will be able to easily monitor our activites, and without human entities beable to determine the intent of our actions. These programs will also be completely undetectable, I advice all users to immediately purge their harddrives.

    For further reading of this RFC visit


    In case you haven't realized it, HAPPY ARPRIL FOOLS DAY. This can be moved to GCC or Tech Humour, as the mods see fit. However, I wanted to be sure than everyone got a chance to see it (shame on me for not knowing better and posting appropriately)



    I've posted many other april fools gag pages in the April fools thread in GCC check it out @

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    i'd say that orwell was off by 20 years...

    until I noticed the date...

    the document seems to be well-written, but since I've only read a few rfcs... i don't have much to compare it to.

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    Just brilliant

    You can check out a few golden oldies here.
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