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Thread: compatible memory????

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    compatible memory????

    hi and tyfor your respond as usual,
    have asus a7n8x-x motherboard with xp2600 and 2x256 kingston ddr 2100.
    question 1:
    my motherbard has 3 ddr dimms and it support ddr2100 ddr2700 ddr3200 184pins sticks.
    as 2 of the dimms are alreadyfull may i put one stick of 512 ddr2100 in a vacant slot or they have to come in pairs???(why then 3 slots?)
    question 2:
    may i put higher ddr memory stick ddr2700 for excample in 3rd slot (or 512)???
    do they have to match or third one can be faster or higher ddr stick???

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    Check the MoBo manual or the ASUS site for confirmation.

    Q1. Yes you can, they are independent, hence the three slots. Just make sure that it is identical memory type ECC/non-ECC and the CL (clock latency) matches..............

    Q2. No you cannot mix memory types. Even if it worked, they would all perform as the slowest one, so there would be no point? You can mix memory sizes and makes.


    EDIT: I am guessing a bit, but I have seen a number of MoBos like this. You will probably find that it supports up to 3Gb of PC2100, 1Gb of PC2700 and 512Mb of PC3200. So if you want a lot of fast memory folks..........check those specs carefully

    IMPORTANT (perhaps?) The theory is that where you have mixed size memory strips, the largest should be in Bank 0 and so on. Bank 0 is usually the one closest to the processor, but they should be marked on the surface of the board.

    Remember that if you are running 9x/Me the OS is not stable with more than 512Mb of RAM

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