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Thread: Corporate Site Standard size...

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    Corporate Site Standard size...

    Hi all, I was wondering why most of the corporate web site still using 800 x 600 size? What I know now, most of the computer screen can support 1024 x 768 size. Because when the size 800 x 600 and viewed in 1024 x 768 and above, isn't that just left empty space in page...

    This is my point... I hope you can gives some argument about this.


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    Backwards compatibility! When you are trying to sell somethin, you don't want to cut off anyone for a second! You need to please everyone, not the majority. Thats how you get custys buying your junk.

    By designing for 800 600, you include 1024 768, the other way is awkward. And just because systems support it, doesn't mean they use it. I think web stats can tell you what your users monitors are set at, as well as browsers, OS's and stuff.

    As for empty space, Google does it, but does it mean it works? In googles case, yes. But you need to make the decision on your own.

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    There are still a lot of 15" monitors around, and old people like me whose eyesight isn't what it used to be (actually anyone who is slightly longsighted will have a problem)

    You specifically mention "corporate" websites?....................well corporations are where you will still find 15" monitors in daily use.......................only $200 to us, but if they have to replace 1200 at once..........that makes a big hole in the budget?


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