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Thread: I protest!!! How dare you ban me!?!

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    Another One Guys This is even Better on the Second day, I think we could thake a picture of them and pasteit in a Newly formed Fourm "April Fools". What we don't have a Fourm named April Fools. hey intimon were are you ok i just remember he too was banned *Giggle

    So As for Now the Count is Three Down (Click on the Board They Are Holding To see why)

    • Spyder32
    • JohnHACk
    • SDK


    Laughs over Guys i just Realised Someone Negged JohnHack In the Previous post, I mean He just Showed Solidarity with MsM Being Banned and was very upset as you can see. Just Seeing the Guys Got Two red dots dosen't mean You can try to push in as see if you can push him aff the hook . Ok i Admit Mr. Miagi is a bit of Nuisence Seeing Every time i Come here this dosen't mean i go on a neegging hunt . As You can see from his previous posts and this one english is not his language(i think he is from Malashia sorry if i got that wrong) and probably still didn't get whats goin on the April Fool Thing.

    Just My openion--
    If you have to have to neg some one i thinkFew of the Senior Members has volunteered for that , so we all shall head towards there

    /me goes to find my Neg AP's bag.

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    I about had a freaking heart attack. OMG thats hillarious. geuss thats what i get for logging on when im still half asleep

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    Hmm... I didn't even notice that yesterday, and I was logged on most of the day.

    This has probably been discussed before, but why was |The|Specialist banned?

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    Wow, that is a bit interesting. Sorry I was AWOL from the site for a while, so I am not up on all the recent gossip. Damn... That is alot of stuff. Oh well...

    So on a better note. When did they change that list back to the actual list?

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    I got banned - w00t!

    man I'm working way too much that i am away for the site long enough to get banned and unbanned without noticing


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    ....How the hell did I get popped into that? Me and Intmon and...Wow, I guess I should feel special, I got banned with the owner and the mods. You guys trying to tell me I'm respected here or something?

    I feel bad for some people though. Poor Rioter probably logged in, saw me banned, got some Champagne out, and then realised the date.

    Besides the front page and the OS forum, I rarely look at any other forums on here much anymore, was a thread about this done? What happened exactly?

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    Gore, it was April 1st when it was done. That in itself should tell you lots.
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    I got banned with the owner and the mods. You guys trying to tell me I'm respected here or something?
    Nah it doesn't - after all I got banned with them to


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    only lol would be a bit short for a reply, however:


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