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Thread: Code attacks Cisco vulnerabilities

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    Code attacks Cisco vulnerabilities

    Cisco Systems issued a security warning this weekend to customers after new software code was published on the Internet that targeted certain vulnerabilities on several of its networking products.

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    The Cisco Global Exploiter huh.. ? by a group of self proclaimed "do gooders" called the "BlackAngels" ?

    The software code, written by a group of teenagers in Italy calling themselves the "BlackAngels," exploits nine vulnerabilities found in Cisco's Internetwork Operating System (IOS). This software runs on most of Cisco's products, including its Catalyst Ethernet switches and Internet Protocol routers.
    The BlackAngels, who describe themselves on their Web site as "a group of Italian teenager boys" who are "expert in the network security field and programming," stated that they do not take any responsibility for "incorrect or illegal use of this software or for eventual damages to others systems." The group has written the code in an effort to bring more awareness to security flaws, according to the site.
    an interesting read.. thanks.

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