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Thread: Anti Points...

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    I think you all are going about this the wrong way. That's not how you're supposed to balance. The reason for negs is to set members who are straying a bit in the right direction, or to quickly ban trolls off the site. Not to pointlessly assign so that you can get balanced. I you're worried about being balanced, don't be. Sooner or later a bad post will come along that you can neg for good reason such as this one .

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    sure thing v_Ln.. I'll counter-ballance though

    Damn that was a long while back I've seen that "mr Miaggi" (or whats-his-name) sign..
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    I don't completely understand the AntiPoints system yet but it is beginning to make sense.

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    you said I could

    - contact user about this assignment: AP Poster: markoalexander

    hmm yeah... you're still shooting blanks man that mean neutral points, u didnt hit me at all.....and dont try..i'll neg you back, this was a joke lol

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