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Thread: firewall - hardware appliance...

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    firewall - hardware appliance...

    im after suggestions for a hardware firewall appliance.

    two must haves:

    1/. ability to connect multiple internet connections
    2/. ability to connect external networks (other than the internet) e.g. offsite backup, remote monitoring not carried out over the internet etc.

    budget is not really an issue.

    any suggestions?

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    I can't really offer any advice since my experience is limited.
    However, I recently acquired an IPAD that I need to figure out how to use as a gateway for home network (thus allowing a linux box to use winmodem connection. ...... ).
    I think, that in my google searches on IPAD....your question appeared as it's abilities. (almost word for word.).
    I guess you are probobally looking for experienced advice, but here's a link to IPAD just incase your looking for a starting point for your search.

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    If money isn't limited I can definately recommend Checkpoint Firewall/1 running on Nokia hardware. A bit cheaper but just as good are Cisco's PIX firewalls. Both come in all shapes and sizes and both can do what you want.
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    Check out the netscreen range of firewalls (, they perform well and are fairly easy to manage.
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    re: firewall hardware

    I'm biased for the Cisco PIX. I run a redundant 525 pair at my core edge and several 520's out in the field as remote VPN terminators.

    However, as others have pointed out, I believe any of the 'major' appliances will get the job done for you in more than adequate fashion.

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    If money really isn't an issue... might as well go for the best:

    There really is nothing else you can buy with this overall quality or level of security.


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