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Thread: how to track a comp?????

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    how to track a comp?????

    here is the situation:
    There is a VLANed subnet of around 150 -200 comps within an organisation.
    These comps are not part of the AD structure as they are given to employees for testing puposee, so people dont log in as some user through them.(They can be local admins to them).
    They get a dynamic IP from DHCP. NOW if you know the IP of the machine u want to tract down, wht are the pottential ways to physically locate the machine or shut it down or cause anything to it so the admin gets notified of the physical location of the comp? nobody is replying to net send.

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    You'll probably need some extra software to do this. It can be done 'by hand' but it's a tedious job. Our network is based on all Cisco equipment and we use CiscoWorks to do exactly (and more) what you want.

    In CiscoWorks (user tracking) you can enter the hostname, ip address or the mac address and CiscoWorks will tell you on what switch and on what port this host is connected.

    I do hope you know where your switches are
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    WEll, if net send is not working, and you have admin rights, there are ways to shut a machine down remotely. If you dont know them, take the time to research. My telling you that much should give you a inkling as to what to do. I dont like the sound of the thread. If you know the IP address and no one is anwering a net send... do they know HOW to reply to a net send? maybe have them call you immediately after recieving it?
    also maybe tell them if tyhey dont you will shut the PC down...
    As far as shutting it down, the only hint Im gonna give you is google. Somewhere out there youll find the RESOURCEs you need... they are in some KIT I believe.

    EDIT: also if you shut the PC down and its DHCP, chances are youll get the same IP when it comes right back up...but there is the chance you wont. Bear that in mind... mac address dont change so...
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