Hello All,

I have a site survey that i need to do for a cleint. They are concerned about there wireless security and I am going to visiting on Wedensday.

In the past I have just verified that a wireless network is open by using my D-Link card and seeing what networks were available in Windows.

I have been doing some deeper reading and find that Kismet and AirSnort are supposed to be pretty good, but neither support my model of WNIC.

I have also read that orinoco cards are well supported. This is my plan, just checking to see if anyone has any advise or things I may want to look out for.

I am running windows XP Pro on my laptop, I plan on using the bootable Knoppix STD to run kismet and airsnort and all the other wireless goodies. Should I go with the Orinoco cards for my wireless? I have never set it up like this. Just wondering if Knoppix will recognize the card when I boot to the CD, and will let me use kismet for my tests.

Also, if anyone has a good recommendation for a decent card that is supported by kismet and airsnort and the other tools, i would be very gratefull :-)