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Thread: quicktips problems

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    quicktips problems

    Not sure if this has already been addressed, if so feel free to delete this thread. In my profile it says I've got 4 quicktips to my credit, but I've checked the quicktips list, and none are there. Are they just pending a mod/admin to check them out, or are they actually not in the list or in a quene and the profile is counting them anyway?
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    Most likely they've been weeded out.. sorry if they thought yours didn't cut the mustard.

    I know that NFG had one to her credit.. and one day, I spend an hour refeshing the screen to see if I could find it.. now it's a bit easier to see what's there. I noted though that the algorithm for the randomness of it all didn't quite work right.. I ended up getting repeats a lot.

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    I fixed this. All the quick tips which have been submitted are stored in the DB, but only the ones marked as ok are displayed. The profile page was showing all submitted tips, rather than only the ones which have been approved.

    jenjen -- a little while back I added a page which shows all the quick tips, so you don't have to re-load the index page in order to see them. The page is at, and also linked to under the quick tip on the home page. Note that there are only 50 approved tips, so you won't have to re-load the page too often to see repeats.

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