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Thread: - need to send a 1 gig attachment ?

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    Cool - need to send a 1 gig attachment ?

    This one looks interesting..

    Although from looking at their forum, the admin says to use this URL instead.

    Is your file too big to attach to your email ?

    With this place you upload your file and it'll be stored on their server for 7 days. They'll email the link to your friend and also give you the link so that you could post it on a forum or where ever else you wish to use it. They just added an antivirus solution to it, although I can't see how that would prevent someone from password protecting a zip file with some malicious stuff inside. Still, it sounds like a good deal. From what I read in the forum (community link), and being that the service is new, there have been problems reported by users.

    To me, this sounds like it could be abused by the warez dudes and dudettes or porn junkies delivering the latest skinflick. So I hope it won't be abused so much that the service gets taken down.

    what do you guys think ?

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    It won't last very long. Big size files are usually warez, mp3 or rip movie. I don't have anything from the top of head that deserve a 1 gig of storage what is legal!

    It'll be use for legal use but 80% of the time, for illegal use!

    How will they paid their bandwidth and storage? I see no pub on the site!
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    Two hours of home movies that you want send to a relative perhaps, a couple of thousand pics. Who wants to upload 1gig. Unless your sharing?
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    Sounds fishy, no profit for them? quite useful though . My best guess is they are testing the waters for a paid service or a its a honey pot for warez dudes??
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    Perhaps they are looking to make some money through the corporate part:

    Does sounds kind of fishy though...
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    The webiste is registered to a Khalid Shaikh [but probably not Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the 9/11 alleged mastermind]. He is a software engineer in California, according to

    WHOIS on returns e-mail address for him as, hence it may be that he is admin of both webs.

    The service is registered in the US, so I doubt it they will be able to keep it running for long, with all the copyright laws and everything. But, we'll see...

    a bit more info

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