Okay, I am still working on the web site, once it is complete, or at least, quite complete, I will post up the address for everyone to check it out if they want. The php code is working great so far and I am even comfortable enough to use it for other things now as well. As well as using it for the comments and form returns, it is going to be used to keep a constantly updated two month calendar and weekly bulletin.

Anyway, currently the background is a solid static business green (#BBCCBB). Instructors don't want to have a bland background and they want to add some kind of images into the background. What they want is the background using the same green color, with a light watermark type transparency on the background. The most I have ever done with background is either just making them solid colors, or tiled images.

How would I set up an image so that it will always be stretched across the entire background, and have a watermark type consistency? It also must stretch for adjustments in resolution as the page will be seen in horizontal resolutions from 800 to 1024.

I was playing around in photoshop a bit, and got an image outline that I thought would look nice. I have attached this image, as well as the original.