first post, so hello to you all.

after searching thru the forums ive found the most highly reccomended free personal firewalls seem to be Sygate, Kerio and Outpost. after trying Sygate i found it didnt pass the true stealth analysis on the gibson research site, altho im unaware of how important this really is (it left 1 port open), and if i could configure it so that it would. I thought id try out the other 2, but after reading about their features on the developers sites, noticed that aparantly niether support ICS (internet connection sharing). I need and use ICS on my 2 computer home lan, as i dont have a router, and after having a lot of problems with ICS and ZoneAlarm i decided a change was in order. my question is: do Kerio and/or outpost work with ICS as ive read on these forums, if not, how can i properly configure sygate to be secure as possible (direction to another post is fine). Otherwise, should i be looking at a different firewall from these?

thanks in advance