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Thread: eTrust Antivirus Beta V

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    eTrust Antivirus Beta V

    I would like to share some comments with our members on eTrust Antivirus Beta Version which I am currently testing. The beta version now has e-mail Scanning capability. I have been testing this beta version for a week now and have found it to be flawless and performing smoothly to date.
    "Real-time Protection"
    This is the new feature which has (3) monitors, Boot Sector Monitor....File Monitor and E-mail Monitor. (The current beta version takes up very little resources which is a valuable asset for those of us that do not have a lot of memory , it is not a memory hog like other antivrus softwares.)
    "Snooze Feature"
    This I have found be be really neat, you can set this at any desired time you wish,example 5min...10min etc...this will disable the Real Time Protection, if you need to download exe ...or anything that may hamper your dlownloading. At the end of the time will automatically activate back again.
    I have found updates to be daily whether its the definitions or updating components of the software.
    I have ran 25 variant eicar tests against the email scanner and etrust passed them all. These tests also will tax ones own ISP along with the email scanner. For your reference this is the test site:
    This new feature will be a welcome note to etrust antivirus software.
    The current version I am sure most of our members at one time or another have tried out. I have found the configuration wizard to be user friendly and very easy to configure to ones needs. The confiuration wizard for the email scanner is clear to understand and you can quickly set it up to your needs.
    This is definelty a winner in my book.
    Oh yes...just for the record....over the past week apparantly someone in my email list had gotten a virus worm which was spreading throughout their address book. eTrust had intercepted their emails before it arrived, detected the vrius and deleted it before it arrived at my computer. It gave a detailed description of what virus was detected and protected my pc.
    Computer Associates has a winner for sure! I am looking forward to its release. I will keep you updated as I do further testing, and will advise when the beta is released.

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    Computer Associates Etrust is good product. I use at my work. I'm using version 7 because it's network / coorporate edition and it work good. I only having problem with Win98 Machine that sometime crash with some stack problem that I need to find why.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Hey Hey,

    We have Etrust at work and I hear nothing but bad things from the people who support it. They had NAV and switched to Etrust only because of the price and they got a package deal with some other software. The people who are responsible seem to regreat it now. It's horrid, our network is rampant with virii because Etrust doesn't doesn't pick up many of them, we've got 4 or 5 different virii that there are multiple occurances of. We have a license for residence students, yet we give them AVG because it has always worked much better for us. I like what you have to say about this new version and hope it functions as well as you say it does. I look forward to more information.


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    Want to thank all the members whom have posted their comments on CA Beta Version, your input is appreciated. As I have commented in my post, I have been running this beta version for a week now. My OS 98SE....... and have had no glitches so far. My pop3 has been nit four days in a row with a infected email attachment and CA antivirus has intercepted and eliminated from accessing my pc. Now in the next couple of weeks I will be monitoring its progress and functions to see how it preforms, far I give it a "A"......The R&D dept apprears to be working very hard on this beta version as it has ran flawless so far. C.A. beta team will also be reviewing your posts, so any additional info is greatly appreciated. Thanks again gang for your input.

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