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Thread: semi downloaded movie clips?

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    semi downloaded movie clips?

    Is there any software out there to view semi downloaded movie clips ?


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    I have windows XP and the latest Windows Media Player, and it will view incomplete downloads of mpegs. I don't have any other incomplete files on my computer, so I couldn't test it against anything but the mpegs.
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    when i download movies from a p2p i use AVI came with kazaa, you might wanna try it.

    I attached it.

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    If you use p2p to download you nead to have the beginning of the file and the end otherwise it won't play.Even a preview. It also depends on how much of the file you have got, in my experience. I haven't found a freeware tool that will fix mpegs that works yet but Divfix works for Divx AVI files quite well.

    Heres the link for it:
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