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Thread: running server from home

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    running server from home

    I was wandering if I wanted to build a web site and run it from home from some software is that possible? I couldnt find anything on google but I am probably not looking the right way.

    But so there is no confusion, I want to use one of my pc's as a server so people can access the page , like a counterstrike server that you start at home. Is that possible?

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    Hey Hey,

    Good lord. What did you search for on google? of course it's possible. check out, or if your on windows check out IIS (install it off your XP cd). You can also go something simple like the AnalogX webserver from

    Any PC with an operating system (installed or on a CD) can be a web server.


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    Absolutely yes ..... look at the apache web server. For the installation and setting up of that I am going to hand you back to Google.

    Now in saying that, does your ISP allow you to run a webserver from your computer in your terms and conditions of use - most should, but some dont/wont.

    If you have a static IP and dont have a registered domain, look at something like ... they will allow you to set up a redirection service so people can find you on the web ... ie - they dont have to remember something like as your URL.

    If your have a dynamic IP then you need to look at something like or one of the many other free dynamic IP redirectors that allow you to have a somewhat "unique-ish" domain name so your friends and others can always find you on the web. A small program on your computer should be setup to run and update your new IP that will correspond with your "domain" each time you restart or change IP's.

    Now comes the good bit - read, read and then read some more about securing your webserver, as you will have a service open to the world you will be leaving your computer open to world, you need to make sure that you are running the lastest patched version of the webserver of your choice and that you have things locked down properly - so you dont unknowingly become a "warez" server.

    Search the forum here for help and also Google away to your hearts content - a quick search on "securing apache" returned a ton of hits.

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    im just curious but what is the piece in a machine that groups a computer from a server?
    ...i am planning to build my own server in couple months or so, so i am geeting some insight into that

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    well as far as building your own server that should depend on what it is for, game hosting,web hosting. It really doesn't matter , you can use any pc but keep in mind if you dont like a server crashing over and over make it a monster.High cpu, or two cpu.High ram,ect...
    If you have ever played in counterstrike or tfc server that was really slow the first thing everyone does is start to blame the 56kers,but that may not always be the case if the computer that the server is ran on is a lower to moderate machine those kind of slowdowns can be expected.

    But if I didnt answer your Q scriptkiddie than im sry I dont understand.

    to everyone else thats what I was looking for thanks again, Another AO community handshake...

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