Any idea what could be causing this one?

I am not able to install ANYTHING from cd with the rpm - install packages application that comes with RED HAT 8.0

("C*AP my beloved lappie just KEELED OVER AND DIED, oh god! its an old Compaq ARMARDA, 1530 with no CD-ROM drive and roughly 1.5 Gig of drive, thank god for network adpt's....)

Back to the main point, I can install from
># rpm -i ****************

But it bugs me that I am not able to install from the installer, even if it is just to sort out my deps.

What happening is that I am able to choose the apps that I want rpm (GUI) tells which other packages I need ask me for the disk I put the disk in and then it tells me that the disk is not ready, so I
># mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

cd /mnt/cdrom
And I get every thing thats one the disk in question, I go back to the installer and nada tells me the disk is not ready?

Any idea?