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Thread: Physical Ports Info?

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    Physical Ports Info?

    I've recently taken an interest in building my own system and i was wondering if anybody here can point me in the right direction as far as a tutorial on building your own computer. i particularly want to learn about the physical ports of the computer(like usb, pci, agp, and all that good stuff), what their names are, and what they do. i tried searching on google without much luck, i really dont know what to search for to begin with.

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    This site explains a bit about the different parts on the motherboard along with some photo's
    and here

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    You can check also. Great Site!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    hi there
    for a start when searching gooogle try searching BUILDING YOUR OWN COMPUTER
    you will come with 10 000 pages
    try it and have a look this site: and very good site for all sort of things about computers and you can find section there for building your own
    have a look this site for a technical names of parts and what they are for reading and reading and reading is the secret of learning)
    have a good fun

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