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Thread: comp. part of network and logoff user

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    comp. part of network and logoff user

    hi all

    os : WINXPPRO
    firewall: sygate personal.
    and part of a network..... at work.

    i was logged off when i was away of my comp.when i come back i logon
    and the firwall detect incoming traffic from inside the network .
    my qustions are :
    1- is my when i logoff my account while the comp. conected to the network?
    2- if we share foldrs , is possbl ppl to conect to my comp. when my account logged off?
    3- in case i block traffic when i loggedoff is that better or stil the same?or i have to disconect
    the network cable from the comp.?

    thanks in advance.

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    Yea I think it is possible to access your computer when your logoff, I know that you can access share folders when your logged off. So I assume that you can acess the rest of the computer.

    For example remote desktop works when the server computer is logged off.

    Yea I think both are similar but unpluggins always going to be safer. I think setting your computer up so that nothing can connect when your logged off is better for convience sake. Not sure how you set that up though


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    hi i2c

    so its not safe.

    i will disconect the network cable from the computer next time i logoff.

    thanks 4 time.

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    May i be so free to ad a thing or two

    Can you shut down the pc instead of yanking the network cable out?

    Anyway no your pc is not safe when you log of. Shared stuff is still acceseble and you can stil
    log in remotly. It is however not less secure then when you are logged in normaly.

    Things like firewalls keep running in the background when you log of so if you have one and it's
    properly setup you don't have that much of a problem.

    May I ask why you asked this question, I'm yust wondering.
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    hi moonwolf

    yes, i can shute down my comp instead of disconnect the network cable .
    shut down its not good suoltion.
    instaed of all that i think its better disabling the Local Area network connection in the task bar .

    why i post this ?

    i post it when i check the firewall log.whichs detect incoming traffic from the network while am logedoff.i used to check the firewall from time 2 time .

    thanks moonwolf.


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    Unplugging your network cable or disabling your connection is not really the right way to go. Forgive me if I misunderstand but you said you are on a computer at work. I know that many network admins (me for example ) dont take kindly to people simply unplugging from the network. If you have concerns about the security of your work LAN try talking to the IT support people. It is their job to make sure your you have a secure work enviroment. If you have doubts about some of the traffic either post a log here or ask your network admin to take a look at it. It is quite normal that there is network traffic while you are not logged on to your computer. The other people in your office are logged on and they will generate traffic regardless.
    If you were on your home computer i would recommend disonnecting form the network. In a work enviroment it may cause more security problems for the whole network than any thing else. If your computers antivirus is updated by a central server ,for example, outside of normal working hours the fact you have disabled your network connections while you are not logged on would mean that you would not have an upto date antivirus on your computer.
    Also disabling your network card might stop you from logging back on to your computer if you account is stored on a domain.
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    If it's your personal (private) laptop and you've hooked it up to the companies network, if you did that in my shop I would kick you so fast out of the building it would make your head spin. Check with your admin if you're allowed to attach non-company owned equipment to their network.

    If it's the companies laptop and you installed your own software, again I would kick you out because you've just compomised the TCB (Trusted Computing Base).

    If it's non of the above and the admin installed the software check with him/her about the correct configuration.

    If the admin does his/her work right you would see a regular scan of the netwerk. This is the admin looking to see if everything is working right.
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    whilst in the main I agree with peoples opinions above... instead of switching off or yanking the cable (NOT a good plan trust me) try sending the computer to sleep/hibernate after you log off. It should power down the ethernet card and stop sharing from happening - though the computer could be woken up by a LAN alarm you should be able to turn that off in the BIOS.


    PS don't need to add my opinions about if this your PC or companies etc SirDice has been fairly explicit

    PPS why is it not a good solution for you to turn off the computer??? seems sensible if you ask me
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    hi MURACU and SirDice

    well am at work using a desktop.
    why I unplugging the network cable or disabling the connection? coz i want to be close to the comp. and keep my eyes on the firewall log.
    and I have concerns about the security of my work lan and my data base shard foldr.

    >netbios enabeld.
    >every one can check his emal and use im applcation.
    >every one can bring his personal stuff on floopy or other storge dvice .
    >not all of the ppl keep the AV up to date.
    is not all that above make me concern about security of the work lan and my files?

    suppose this happen: afriend in work chatting with person in a puplic place in a netcafe,using one of the IM App and some how get the ip of that comp of my friend at work . what going to happen then ?

    that was an example and they are know each other ,they are friends and the guy in the netcafe think its funny and all waht he is going doing is kinda of jok.

    First thing come to my mind with netbioes enabeld when i check the firewall log when i was logedoff some 1 cracking my comp. using nbtstat command.

    when i unplugging the netowrk i lost the connection,when i plug it again i get the connection .
    when disable the LAN i lost the connetion ,double click the shourt cut of it i get the connetion back .

    Zonewalker,coz its slow in starting.

    thanks to u all .


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    if your connect to a network your going to get network traffic. computers are constantly communicating with each other. i think you'll find most or the traffic is comming from your domain controler, checking your status, seeing whos there and whos not. i mean even when the office is closed computer are still generating network traffic.

    your firewall no doubt is set to see the network your on as a trusted domain and allows local traffic. anyone with admin privelages can kill the fiewwall process but ive gotta ask...what kind of place do you work for that you fear people breaking into your computer.
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