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Thread: Hello, How do I get started 2 WarGames

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    Unhappy Hello, How do I get started 2 WarGames


    I'm new 2 the world of security ..
    I'd like 2 to do challenges 'n wargames .. (like that of )
    I'm stuck a level 0.
    No wonder ..coz I'm a newbie..
    Can any guys guide me what are the requirements, or what are the topics I need to have good knowledge in ?.. Where to get started ??...
    I'm not asking how to cross level 0, but rather more basic...
    I'm use with Windows. I like programming in C, C++ .
    Which OS's I've to be familiar with ?. Which programming languages I need to know ?
    What are the other things I need 2 know for cracking such challenges ???
    To be precise, "Where do I get started ?? "


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    I dont know much about it but i would suggest going over to and reading the Guides to harmless hacking about telnet as you no doubtedly will be using that. Also a basic understanding of *nix style commends to navigate and an understanding of how file permissions work. Happy hacker telnet guides

    Like i said do some searchs for linux/unix commands to learn how to navigate around a *nix machine and learn about file permissions. Then look at the hint that you get on hackerslab and when you work out how to do the level instead of thinking yay and going onto the next level think yey and take a minate to think about HOW that worked

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    i went to the website.. for but why all showing error code only? is that other language or what??

    hellforgefangel, for example like port 23 for telnet, how do i close that port if i know that port its being open?? issit just go to 'Services' and stop or disable the 'Telnet' services? is there any other ways?? thz ...

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    I think you meant

    Read the forums on hackerslab website, they'll help you a lot in figuring out some of the challenges. There was one post there about the find command that is really handy to find the files that you need to move on, I'd suggest you look for it.
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    315 = korean site, english option is at top right of page. = english entrance of above site (sometimes works, sometimes not.)

    to start looking at the first level of hackerslab, you'll need to begin understanding: telnet, basic unix commands (navigating directories, reading files, etc.) Linux permissions.....maybe others too I can't exactly recall.
    Just begin at google and start searching for hacking, antihack, hacker, telnet,.....any term you think may be even remotely related to what you need to know....eventually you'll stumble upon an answer.
    You can search for other wargames too....there are several threads with lists of different challenges/games....try searching AO or google for those too.

    Have fun

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    Once you know basic telnet, even if you don't have time to always try the challenges on HL, I recommend you get a free shell at [telnet to this address and then you'll be able to create a free shell] to get better used with *nix commands.

    Also don't get disappointed if you don't finish it off on the first run, the good thing about HL is that you get to learn different things in order to finish the challenged. It helps you quite a bit.

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    Re: Hello, How do I get started 2 WarGames

    Originally posted here by mightysuraj
    What are the other things I need 2 know for cracking such challenges ???
    To be precise, "Where do I get started ?? "
    IMHO it all starts with curiosity..

    Wanting to know more..

    and HEY.. You made it thrue to that part..

    you are curious, not about the destination, but about the road to travel...

    If you browse around AO (search button) you'll see that there is a lot of info here about all the topics you'd like to know more about..
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    Angusky, Yes a port is only ever open if there is a service running on it therefore stoping the service will close the port. So yes stoping the telnet service will close port 23 if its running telnet.

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    If you are interested in learning about Wargames and such in general, it's most certainly worth taking a look at MsMittens' tutorials on Wargames. You can find the complete set here:
    - Maverick

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    Thanx 4 u helps.. I'm on the go 2 get my hands on some Unix, Linux permissions 'n TCP / IP.
    I've downloaded MsMittens' tutorilal also ...

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