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Thread: ~ The Doubts of my deep heart ~

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    Question ~ The Doubts of my deep heart ~

    Hai, just wanna know how do i get an ip address from another pc that i connect to? for example, i chatting with friend via ICQ or MSN.... how am i going to check out his external ip address?? i try to use 'netstat' & 'routeprint' to view it. but seems not to appear the actual especially i'm in office behide a hub / switch. some tools that i try, like 'Whereissp' is does show me the person that i communicate with ICQ, but i think thats the internal IP address. so is there any technique or tools that i can get to figure out their IP address and hostname??

    another Qs is I do a scanning like port scanning to a particular machine, i reliased some port are open like 21, 23 or 80... so what i can do next?? like 80, issit the only way i an do is check out what web server they run, and find the vulnerabilities for that server? or just simply send a trojan/rootkit and hoping that guy to open it? or like port 23, i knew that port is open and try to telnet to it.... without knowing the password, do i able to break in? or just using tools to perform session hijack or what?

    i am a newbies, i am definately not asking this for hacking purpose~ cause i want to know how is actually working behide it.... for me, i do not want to learn like most of the people (opss.. i dont mean u) where just know performing the tools or just mention the technical term without know whats goingon behide... the most common question when asking a so-called Hacker is ~ how do u hacking? he will just try to mention tons of technical term and try to bring u around... and lastly if unable to answer, the term call "Social Engineering" will be bring up and said can be apply here... what a joke~! (i'm not against "S-E")

    and most of the so-called hacking/ cracking tools, i doubt with it~ especially Paswword cracking tools~~ i mean like in this side, ppl told me how powerful & easily to crack a password & on other side, some fact or calculator show how many millions year i require to crack a pw with complexity... not to mention, encryption and revert from hash~

    i am here not to offense anyone, but just to learn~ maybe i am wrong or i might not be in deep in hacker world yet, so maybe tons of things or tools i never touch before... correct me if i wrong and share with me.... ok? thz a lot... happy learning..

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    Well, the reason that you can't see an IP over MSN is that, so long as you're just chatting with them, MSN routes that traffic through servers, you don't connect directly to the computer you're chatting with. Which means if you look for their IP, you're only going to get the server.

    If you add voice or video to it, though, then it direct-connects, and you'd be able to see IPs. Then if you netstat you can find their real IP, if you can figure out which one it is.

    I'm pretty sure this has been covered before, I remember reading it here somewhere long ago and far away.
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    ugh am not even going to bother telling you how badly this will look on here instead I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    using netstat to find someones ip you are talking to through MSN wont work as you will only get the ip of the MSN messanger server.
    when chatting its like

    YOU -- sent msg --> MSN SERVER -- sent msg --> FRIEND

    you need a direct p2p connection to find the ip addy.

    port 80 - used for http traffic
    port 21 - default ftp port
    port 23 - telnet

    brute force password cracking progs (which i think you were talking about) work by either sending every possible string of letters/numbers/characters until it gets the correct one - or it can be set to read from a dictionary file.
    Dictionary file is just a list of possible words that could be the password
    as you can imagine both take a long time and any good network admin will notice the sudden surge in traffic - who is not going to be suspesious when they notice a couple of hundred thousand failed passwords attempts from one ip addy?

    most websites will lock you out after a certain number of failed attempts anyways.


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    let me be sure i have this stright. you dont want to just learn how to use skript kiddie tools but would rather know exactly what it is you're doing when you break into someone's computer.
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