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Thread: Configure Firewall with p2p

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    Configure Firewall with p2p

    Ok been having some probs getting my firewall to work with Kazaa Lite K++

    Am running the free version of Outpost

    when i start up k++ its trying to mak outgoing connections but no .exe name is specified. There is alot of these requests and i dont want to just allow all activities for them all.

    I know k++ needs Protocol: TCP Direction: Outbound set for ports 80 (aux web-browsing ports if needed 81-83) HTTPS (443), SOCKS (if needed 1080) & 11523 (for those unlucky enough to be using AOL's browser.

    are these set for the kpp.exe(!?) have tried doing that but this mystery prog still appears to be trying to get outgoing connections as well - anyone found any good tuts on setting up Outpost properly with k++ or anyone know how?



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    Here is what PCFlank recommends for a firewall ruleset for Kazaa (regular edition). I'm sure Kazaa Lite isn't much different.

    Firewall Ruleset For Kazaa
    (These rulesets are designed by Agnitum so it should work well with your Free version of Outpost).

    Might I make one suggestion though, you should invest in Outpost Pro 2.1 because the free edition (as good as it is) doesn't offer stateful inspection, rather just packet filtering. That's just my opinion though .
    hope the link helps. good luck.
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    I can understand your problems Ide if you are using the latest version of Kazaa Lite (version 2.1 build 3). I have been unable to create rules which work and allow me to connect, even though they worked with version 2.02. The rules listed above do not work with version 2.1 build 3, it just continues to ask for connections, even though it shouldn't. The kazaa application has no file icon or name like the old version did just like Ade said, it just has a dos box style icon with no filename. David those last two rules do not stop the rules pop ups appearing the only thing I haven't tried is block most (which is something I don't want). I have put this to the people who released kazaa lite but they just say change the firewall to zonealarm or nortons and they won't admit there is something odd about the latest build of kazaa lite. I don't know if this happens with the original Kazaa 2.1 as I don't want all the spyware on my system.
    source - outpost forums

    I had the same problem you had,and could never find a good answer. I don`t use outpost anymore so I haven`t messed with it. Sygate works fine with k++ though. I did ask your question in the outpost forum so i will let you know if i get a good reply.

    This is a link to my question (maybe some of the replys will be helpful)-

    Here is what PCFlank recommends for a firewall ruleset for Kazaa (regular edition). I'm sure Kazaa Lite isn't much different.
    K++ is much different.

    EDIT- You may also want to make sure the option [act as a supernode] is disable. Not sure,maybe that will help.


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    You still using Kazaa? You should try Emule, it's slower but the download are not full of virus and bogus. Only 2 has port to open.
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    thanks for the help guys

    am not too worried about dropping firewall when am at PC - is pretty tight without it and I monitor traffic - is only when am not here....kinda nervous about leaving girlfriend to download stuff with firewall off

    i know K++ is still full of virii etc but is handy and i dont download anything that can contain any malcode (no exe's com's scr etc) plus have AV running and i do regular scans with SB S&D, Adaware & the cleaner just to be doubly sure


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