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Thread: how to start .net

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    how to start .net

    hey guys..
    i am a webdesigner- student..
    i dont knwo VB..
    i know html, and asp little.
    as most of my websites are graphic so i did not think of lerning .net but i relised the power of .net
    please tell me how do i start of .net
    which .net language should i learn/.. or or
    well tell me approximetly how much tiem will it take to learn .net for a newbie...

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    Hey Hey,

    It's not a question of which language should you learn, it's a question of which language will benefit you the most. You said you had VB experience, well VB6 and VB.Net are extremely close to eachother at the low end, the differences are at times quite subtle. If you know the language of VB you can easily move your way into C#. I program in VB and had never used C# before. I decided to experiement and in 45 minutes wrote a simple gui calculator. The syntax is so close to that of VB that it's sickening. It's just the backbone of the language operates more like C then it does VB, with your includes and what not. As for ASP you can develop it in VB or C#. Two of the guys I work with are writing an ASP front end for student registration, they've never used ASP .NET before, but they're writing the code in VB and just transfering it right over.

    Anyways to sum things up for you, I'd suggest starting with VB .Net. Personal preference more than anything else, but it'll give you an idea of what .net has to offer and it'll work with the skills you already have. As for the time it'll take you, depends on your knowledge of VB. However, I'd guess if you have a decent working knowledge of VB 6 you'll have the same skill level in .Net in about a week or so.. if you put in the time or effort. Then go on to learning new stuff.... There's lots of resources to help you, here on AO and out on the WWW.. just give google a search and you'll find more than enough tutorials and e-books to keep you busy.


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