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Thread: Java installation dilemma

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    Angry Java installation dilemma

    I have recently endeavored to start to learn Java.

    I have just downloaded j2se v1.4.2_04 (j2ee 1.4 SDK) for windows from the Sun developers site. when I go to install it it installs to either 8%, 54% or the farthest I got was 86% installed. At 86% I allowed it to try to finish installation for 7 hours. As of right now it is not installed and I can't progress until it is.

    can someone tell me if this is really more than an 8 hour process or am I doing something wrong?

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    Which OS and are there any processes running that might interfer with the installation? (tried installing in safe mode assuming Windows?)

    How much physical memory do you have?

    Have you checked the Java Installation Documentation (I picked the windows version because I suspect that's what you were trying to install) to see if your error is there (hard disk space?)
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    I'm guessing you are using the offline installation which is best for dial users. Have you tried the online installation???

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    It should take more than 30 minutes unless you have a really slow machine. Try downloading it again - it's possible that you got a corrupt copy because the whole thing didn't download properly. Unfortunately, Sun doesn't provide MD5 checksums for the Windows binaries, but you can check the filesize against the one quoted on the Java web site and see if they match as a rough indicator.
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