Hrmm.. anyone know about this one? Seems a lot of it is Japanese but give it enough time I suspect it will come here.

Source: The Inquirer

File sharers scream as virus gets them by the cojones

A total balls up, Kintama San

By INQUIRER staff: Sunday 04 April 2004, 17:50
A REPORT ON the Mainichi Daily News web site says that a virus called Kintama is picking up details of P2P chat room users' PC screens and then spreading the details worldwide.

Winny - a popular file sharing program in Japan - is being particularly hard hit by Kintama, which apparently grasps file sharers by the cojones, squeezes out bank account numbers and publishes them world wide.

Kintama is clever enough to screen capture a person's PC once a day, and then file share it amongst other users.

Which could be highly embarrassing and costly.

Ouch! This does not appear to be a late April Fool's joke.
Found more details once I found the more common Symantec naming: Antinny.G

The W32.HLLW.Antinny.G worm is a variant of W32.HLLW.Antinny. It spreads using the Winny file-sharing network.

The worm steals personal information, including name, email and files, and sends it to a file-sharing network.

The worm has the Notepad icon or a Windows folder icon.